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Site Statistics and Audience Profile 
Woodlands Online Site Statistics - 2008 Summary


Hits: Over 483 Million
Average Hits per Day: Over 1.3 Million
Page Views: Over 48.8 Million
Average Page Views per Day: Over 133,000
Visits: Over 3.4 Million
Return Visits: Over 2.1 Million
Average Visits Per Day: Over 9,400
Unique Visitors: Over 1.27 Million
Time Spent On Site: Over 358,000 Hours



Business Summary

Woodlands Online Vision

Woodlands Online is a local new media company whose mission is to provide the most comprehensive online information resource for residents of and visitors to The Woodlands Texas. We strive to offer a community portal for our hometown that:


- Allows Woodlands residents to quickly and easily find information
- Promotes communication and collaboration among neighbors and organizations
- Provides useful Web-based services for our community
- Provides local merchants and businesses with a new media venue to leverage the Internet's revolutionary, inexpensive marketing capabilities to market and sell their products and services within the community
- Provides local businesses and organizations professional website design and development services

Our goal is to provide a place where all Woodlands area residents, businesses and organizations can efficiently share information with each other to make our community a better place to live.


Locally Owned Since 1996

Woodlands Online initially launched in 1996 with the first comprehensive, Web-based business and organization directory for The Woodlands, Texas. Since that time we have continued to add more areas to the site in support of our mission. Woodlands Online, LLC, is a new media company privately owned by Woodlands residents that care about and love our community. That’s why we work so hard to provide information and services relevant to our hometown – we’re your neighbors! The site is managed and operated by the Bayou City Media Group.



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